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Sloan's Seven Emerging Restroom Trends


Sloan released a their findings for restrooms trends:

  1. Touchless/sensor-based products are becoming standard.  

  2. Unisex and all-gender restrooms are a growing trend

  3. Partitions may expand to full height for increased privacy and to elevate the stall experience

  4. Touchless or doorless entry/exits will be important

  5. Sustainability is important, but not certification

  6. Handwash stations outside the restroom are becoming commonplace

  7. Desire for a well-designed suite of restroom finishes is a high priority

New from Sloan: Mobile Hand Wash Station


The first of its kind, hands-free, sensor-operated, stand-alone, mobile handwashing station.


Enable more convenient handwashing options for your facility with the new Sloan Mobile Handwashing Station. Our latest touch-free innovation can be placed anywhere in the building, bringing hand hygiene beyond the restroom.

We’ve created a customizable hygiene station on wheels that pairs attractive design with the durability you expect from Sloan. It’s a simple solution that helps your facility enhance health, wellness, and hygiene.

Click here to learn more!

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